Vio Choe

b. 1971, Korean

Vio Choe is an artist who expresses the connectivity transcending time and space through lines drawn in an unconscious state. He has developed his unique artistic language and universe based on his personal experience as an art director and a game designer in New York.

Choe tries to work in unexpected realms of unconsciousness and instinct and not to distort the energy by the artist’s intention and technique. This is why he squeezes paint tubes instead of using brushes to draw the lines. He has evolved further his own creative philosophy on the basis of scientific theories such as Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. The artist depicts the relationship between humans and creation tightly and meticulously by focusing on the interaction of energy. 

Vio Choe has been solidifying his position on the international stage by receiving invitations from major art shows such as Art Karlsruhe (2022), SCOPE Miami Beach (2021), and CONTEXT Art Miami (2019). Moreover, at the invitation of Kunstverein Heppenheim, Vio Choe was the first Korean artist who held a solo exhibition at the venue. The artist was also showcased at Palazzo Bembo on the occasion of the 58th Venice Biennale.