Tschoonsu Kim

b. 1957, Korean

Tschoonsu Kim majored in painting at the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University and while serving as a professor of Western Painting at the same university, he is engaged in teaching and painting at the same time. He is an artist who adheres to the flatness of painting through his unique blue canvas, which earned him the nickname, the “Painter of Blue”. He launched works in blue tones with the <Window> series in the 1980s and the Strange <Tongue series> in the 1990s. Since 2011 he has released a series of works under the title <Ultra-Marine>, continuing his journey to explore the “essence of painting” through the blue color. 

Tschoonsu Kim was awarded the Grand Prize at the 3rd Total Art Award hosted by the Total Museum of Contemporary Art in 1993, and began to make a name for himself internationally by participating in the 1996 Sao Paulo Biennale as a representative of the Korean Pavilion. Lately, an homage exhibition was held at the Seoul National University Museum of Art covering his oeuvre from the 1980s to the present. His works are currently in the collections of leading domestic and foreign institutions such as LEEUM Museum in Seoul, Art Sonje Museum in Gyeongju, Daegu Art Museum, Seoul Museum of Art and LA Artcore Center in Los Angeles, USA.